A fresh and innovative approach to boost your business productivity and ultimately, revenue.

Rather than you or your highly qualified staff doing all those repetitive tasks. That hold your company back from achieving progress. Why not delegate those time-consuming tasks? To capable staff offshore so you and your team can focus your efforts on what is important?

We have experienced specialists who will be dedicated to your organisation. With a shared passion for the success of your company.


Back Office

Let us be responsible for the quality administration to boost your organisation needs.

We can support your company by performing various time-consuming office procedures. Including; typing, faxing, scanning, copying documents and setting up appointments.

Duties and Roles

  • Typing, scanning, copying, taking notes and setting up appointments
  • Managing and routing office communications
  • Preserving documents and records
  • Research and organisation of information

Data Entry

Data Processing

We can create a simple workflow process focusing on attention to detail. To assist with all data entry aspects of your organisation.

We have results for orientated professionals. Who will work towards given KPI’s (key performance indicators).
Creating faster processes for managing your company’s information.

Duties and Roles

  • Data entry, data research and document management
  • Reviewing data for deficiencies or errors
  • Correcting any incompatibilities and checking the output
  • Research and organisation of information
  • Compiling, verifying information and sorting

Customer Service

Customer Support

Great customer service is the cornerstone of any business, big or small. In most cases, it is the defining
factor required to grow your company. Great customer service with your existing client base also spreads
through word of mouth, attracting new customers.

Duties and Roles

  • Customer experience
  • Sales support
  • Customer liaison
  • Customer retention
  • Phone support
  • Chat support
  • Email support
  • Conflict resolution

Lead Generation

Business Development

A cost-effective lead-generation solution. Allowing you to focus on your business and acquisition of new customers for growth. Rather than getting bogged down finding and sorted through all those leads.

Duties and Roles

  • Lead generation
  • Market research
  • Data harvesting
  • Data Management
  • CRM Management
  • CRM updates
  • Customer management
  • Customer liaison
  • Calendar management Reporting

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