Who we are

At Ancillary, we solve our clients toughest challenges by providing staffing solutions to help boost your business productivity.

Specialising in Back Office, Data Processing, Customer Support and Business Development, we deliver growth outcomes for our clients by delivering on what we promise in this demanding digital era.

Our services and equipment used by your offshore staff are fully customisable to adapt to the culture and nature of your business.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

At Ancillary, we see our duties in a different light.

Compared to other outsourcing companies we like to work with our clients to represent their brand with pride.

Providing the boost that our clients need to grow, with your offshoring team growing alongside, every step of the way.

Our People

An honest, fresh and innovative management team, aiming to look at offshore staffing solutions in a different light.

Experienced individuals who know first-hand, not only the benefits of having staff offshore but also </br>

how best to start, grow and ultimately, successfully manage an offshoring team.

Paul Saunders

Paul Saunders

Founder & CEO

Originally from New Zealand, Paul started Ancillary after realising the benefits outsourcing gave his Australian business, OeVisa, both in terms of talent in the Philippines but also cost savings in staff wages, allowing for much faster growth and lower risk to the company.

Now his passion is to share this experience with others so that business’s all over the world can grow with outsourcing being an integral part of that growth.

Dyan Monleon

Operations Manager

Yanyan is a 100% results driven professional with ethics that match. Her drive and determination is what has got her to where she is today and at Ancillary we are lucky to have her leading our operations.

Her day to day management stills spread across all facets of the business and are what keeps Ancillary moving forward like a well oiled machine, ensuring that our clients and customers of our clients are always taken care of.

Cris Miralles

Content Writer / Languages

Cris is a specialised content writer with a Bachelors degree majoring in Communication Arts (English) and does a great job writing content for our clients websites as well as any social media campaigns that may be undertaken.

She also manages any translation requirements for our clients who in this digital age may be required to reach customers speaking another language with experience in Japanese and Korean.

Kimberly Aguilar


Kimberly has joined us at Ancillary and bringing years of book keeping and accounting experience with her.

Kimberly is in charge of all financial aspects of Ancillary, working closely with management to ensure all accounting aspects of the business are up to date and complying with Philippine legislation.



What Drives Us

People first. The centre of our business is the well being and morale of our employees (your offshoring staff). Our uniqueness is our ability to be able to draw in and hold top-notch talent. With each company choice we make, we keep our staffs best interest at heart.

These are the factors that drive us; our core values, our people, our fresh management and you, our clients. Building trust, increasing efficiency and coming together as one to achieve our shared goals.